Thursday, September 1, 2011

About Us

"Please tell your humble audience about yourselves mistresses," asked the minion that was roped into conducting the interview. The poor fella really had no choice...and he knew it.

Poena took a deep breath. "We are benevolent-"

Laughter interrupted Poena's long winded speech before it could begin. Her eyes narrowed.

"No, no," Maniai snorted. "Please, continue."

"Yes, do," Arai chuckled, "we are all ears."

Poena took a deep breath but before she could speak, Maniai interrupted her again.

"Wait. Benevolent? Who do you think we are? Those prissy, fickle Muses? We are the infernal goddesses-"

"Have you been reading Wikipedia again?" Arai asked innocently.

"Clearly," Poena snorted.

"Fine," Maniai huffed petulantly, then she turned to the minion. "You describe us."

The minion swallowed thickly, then smiled thinly. "You are beautiful, gifted goddesses who evoke fear in the hearts of the legions of untalented hacks who wish they could bask in the glow of you brilliance..."

A gagging noise grew louder until it drowned the sycophantic fawner. Arai looked up, "Sorry about that, I just threw up a bit in my mouth there."

Poena snorted. "Go away," she said dismissively to the minion, "you are bothering us."

"Don't bother us," Maniai agreed, "we're reading."

"But come back with more wine and chocolate," Arai added.

The other two nodded as the minion scurried away.

"What were we talking about?" Poena asked.

"Who cares," Mania said. "What are we reading next?"


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