Review Policy

The Erinyes love writers. We fully understand how difficult it is to finish a story and put it out there. Our love for writers, however, will not automatically extend to all that they write. Our goal is to treat all writers with respect but we will not hesitate to point out any problems or inconsistencies with their stories.

Genres accepted: We prefer Urban Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, but note that we romantics at heart. We prefer stories with strong romantic elements. If you've written The Great American Novel, congratulations, but this is probably not the right blog to send your book to.

We will accept: ARCs and already published e-books (epubs preferred but we can can work with you on that).

We reserve the right to decline to review or post a review. Even with multiple reviewers, some stories may not find the right audience and we are not in the habit of taking on a story just to do unflattering review. If we decide not to post a review, there will be a reason and we will communicate that privately via email.

Review turnaround: Reviews are first come, first serve basis. A new, self-published writer will not be moved down the queue for a better known author. Dependent on the reviewers list, reviews can take anywhere from one (1) to four (4) weeks.

Reviews will be posted: on the Erinyes blog, Goodreads, Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble at its minimum. Several reviewers are also members at other review sites and reviews may also appear at other genre specific blogs.