Monday, September 26, 2011

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The Erinyes love creativity and innovation (and eye candy) but detest cheap gimmicks that attempt to trick us. (Trojans, we see you and do not approve.) We will shower you with love and good fortune when you entertain us but anger us and we will skewer over an open fire with a nice side of Chianti. Beware all ye who enter, the Erinyes have found a new home.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

September Covers

The awesome, the misguided and the oh good lord, no!

The Good
The Bad
The Man Tittie

Monday, September 5, 2011


According to Greek mythology, Poena is the spirit of punishment, retribution and vengeance. Her children will surely agree (especially with the punishment part), though her husband will wisely remain silent (after all, he gets benefits). She has a love for adventure and romance and adores good space opera with lots of smutty sex. Her favorite genre has to be paranormal simply because the possibilities are endless (unless the undead sparkle to which she says, "Slay the monster before his disease becomes contagious!"). She would love to one day own a dragon...or werewolf and her favorite color is black. She can be hard to please most of the time but she does have a soft spot for mad cow heroines, white chocolate and mango/passion-fruit margaritas.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

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For Authors....If You Are Lost

We love to be entertained by great stories and because of that we looove storytellers. That love for all things fantastic and entertaining  - and the fact that several of us also write -  has given us the ability to totally empathize with the difficulties of, not just creating a story, but actually putting it to paper. So, beloved authors, if you need a shoulder to cry, rant, rave on or if you just want someone to brainstorm with, to find your muse and beat her to submission, to threaten your characters to behave or wrangle your plots until they are more focused than a randy teenage boy seeing his first wet t-shirt contest...just drop us a line:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank You

Your form has been submitted and we will get to it as quickly as possible. Thank you for flying with Erinyes-The Book Furies. We hope you will consider us for all your flights to fantastic new worlds.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Arai is the fury of curses, which she has been known to utter upon discovery of ditzy heroines, wtf world-building, or the fact that someone forgot to replenish the coffee supply. Once she's had her sanity-inducing cup of morning coffee, you'll find that she has an appreciation for mysteries and has a newly found particular weakness for urban fantasy. In an effort to branch out, and through the manipulation (read: black mail) of external forces, she's recently picked up reading space operas and is trying to not grumble too much about enjoying them. Though she has many weaknesses, the ones that will always get her to succumb are mochas, dark chocolate, red wine, and dry-witted heroes.

Review by Author's Last Name

Aiken, G. A.The Dragon Who Loved MeDragon Kin #5A-
Alder, LiseThe Demon's Bargain (Demons Unleashed)
AnthologySEAL of My Dreams
Archer, ZoeChain Reaction8th Wing #2C-
Armintrout, JenniferThe TurningBlood Ties #1B
Ayers, SidneyDemons Like It HotDemons Unleashed #2DNF
Bennett, JennKindling the MoonArcadia Bell #1A
Cahill, RhianAll of You
Caine, RachelWorking StiffRevivalist #1C+
Chance, KarenMidnight's DaughterDorina Basarab #1B
Cole, KresleyIf You Dare
Connor, EllenNightfallDark Age Dawning #1A-
Croft, NinaBreak OutBlood Hunter #1B-
d'Abo, ChristineDouble ShotLong Shots #1C-
Dane, LaurenMesmerizedPhantom Corps #2B-
Damschroder, Natalie J.Under the MoonGoddess Rising #1C+
Dark, JulietThe Demon LoverFairwick Chronicles #1B
Davidson, AinsleyLesserblood Lies
Dee, BonnieDemon LoverFairytale Fantasies #2F
Estep, JenniferSpider's BiteElemental Assassin #1B
Estep, JenniferSpider's RevengeElemental Assassin #5B
Frost, JeanieneDestined for an Early GraveNight Huntress #4D
Griffin, EmilySomething BorrowedDarcy and Rachel #1F
Habel, LiaDearly, DepartedGone With the Respiration #1B
Hanover, M. L. N.Unclean SpiritsThe Black Sun's Daughter #1B+
Hunt, LoribelleKiss of TwilightDark Bonds #2C+
Jay, StaceyDead on the DeltaAnnabelle Lee #1C+
Jordan, CrystalTreasured
Langlais, EveBunny and the BearFurry United Coalition #1B+
Langlais, EveCrazy
Langlais, EveHis Teddy Bear
Lee, KaralynnSlip Point
Lore, PittacusI Am Number FourLorien Legacies #1D
Mann, CatherineHot ZoneElite Force #2C
Martinez, A. LeeGil's All Fright Dinner
McCray, CheyenneDemons Not IncludedNight Tracker #1DNF
McDonald, L. J.The Battle SylphSylph #1C+
Milbrodt, TeresaBearded Women Stories
Miller, MartinLonely Werewolf GirlKalix MacRinnalch #1A
Murphy, C.E.TruthseekerWorldWalker Duology #1C
Murphy, C.E.WayfinderWorldWalker Duology #2C
Neill, ChloeDrink DeepChicagoland Vampires #5B
Price, KalaynaGrave WitchAlex Craft #1C
Rowland, DianaBlood of the DemonKara Gillian #2B
Rowland, DianaSins of the DemonKara Gillian #4A-
Royce, RebeccaLove Beyond SanityThe Outsiders #2C+
Scott, JessicaBecause of YouComing Home #1B-
Showalter, GenaAwaken Me DarklyAlien Huntress #1C
Snyder, MariaTouch of PowerHealer #1D+
Stuart, AnneRecklessThe House of Rohan #2D
Stuart, AnneBreathlessThe House of Rohan #3B
Treanor, MarieDemon LoverFairytale Fantasies #2F

About Us

"Please tell your humble audience about yourselves mistresses," asked the minion that was roped into conducting the interview. The poor fella really had no choice...and he knew it.

Poena took a deep breath. "We are benevolent-"

Laughter interrupted Poena's long winded speech before it could begin. Her eyes narrowed.

"No, no," Maniai snorted. "Please, continue."

"Yes, do," Arai chuckled, "we are all ears."

Poena took a deep breath but before she could speak, Maniai interrupted her again.

"Wait. Benevolent? Who do you think we are? Those prissy, fickle Muses? We are the infernal goddesses-"

"Have you been reading Wikipedia again?" Arai asked innocently.

"Clearly," Poena snorted.

"Fine," Maniai huffed petulantly, then she turned to the minion. "You describe us."

The minion swallowed thickly, then smiled thinly. "You are beautiful, gifted goddesses who evoke fear in the hearts of the legions of untalented hacks who wish they could bask in the glow of you brilliance..."

A gagging noise grew louder until it drowned the sycophantic fawner. Arai looked up, "Sorry about that, I just threw up a bit in my mouth there."

Poena snorted. "Go away," she said dismissively to the minion, "you are bothering us."

"Don't bother us," Maniai agreed, "we're reading."

"But come back with more wine and chocolate," Arai added.

The other two nodded as the minion scurried away.

"What were we talking about?" Poena asked.

"Who cares," Mania said. "What are we reading next?"