Making the Grade...

The A Club


A+ is the ubber Island Keeper. This is the cream of the crop. The ones we'd go back into the burning building for. Yes, they are that good.

A is definitely a game changer. They redefine a genre/trope/concept.

A- is a trendsetter and we can't wait for more from the author/series.

The B Club


B+ is ahead of the pack and bringing something fresh and exciting to the game.

B is a good book and we definitely recommend. It's the predator that can hold its own alone.

B- is above average. It's the hyena that can take on a lion cub on its own but needs help to take on anything bigger.

The C Club


C+ Is the Zebra in the front of the herd. A few years ago, we would have been impressed with its shiny coat. Now? Not so much.

C Worth reading and entertaining but at the center of the herd. It's safe from predators because nothing about it stands out. Read a sample first.

C- Is the target for hungry predators. Weaknesses are evident. Read a sample and think about your poor teetering TBR pile, because this should be at the bottom of it.

The D Club


D+ Is the gazelle bringing up the rear. With a few improvements, it could catch up with the herd.

D The gazelle that got left at the watering hole on purpose and is wondering where everybody else went. Seriously flawed.

D- Not quite a total failure, but this gazelle isn't likely to find the herd with a map and compass. It's the type that will ask for directions...from the lion pride sleeping under the tree.

The F Club
Epic Fail!

This is the village idiot of prey. They got invited to the party but didn't think twice about the invitation that had teeth marks and a paw print. Complete failure on multiple levels. The only thing keeping it from the DNF level is the morbid fascination..."This can't get any worse, can it?"

The DNF Club

Did Not Finish

Yes, Virginia, it can get worse. This is the prey that even hungry predators walk away from because they know 'somethin' ain't right'. Reserved for books that  makes us wish we believed in book burning.

Heat Levels

1 - YA level. Kissing/holding hands. (G)
2 - Sex but the fade to black. (PG)
3 - Sex happens and we get to see it. (R)
4 - Lots of sex and it's graphic. Cold shower worthy (NC-17)
5 - Scorching sex. Erotica. (X)